2016 TGSS FAQs

Why has the 2016 TGSS been cancelled?

  • Tullow is planning to re-focus its capacity building programmes, and any future scholarships, to in-country institutions in its main countries of operation. Existing scholars will not be affected by this change.
  • This shift in strategy will mean Tullow is contributing to building long term institutional capacity in its host countries, and is able to reach a greater number of beneficiaries.
  • A core aim of Tullow’s education and capacity building strategy is to work in partnership with others to strengthen academic institutions in countries where Tullow has operations, so that over time a number of these institutions develop into centres of excellence.

Is this a cost saving exercise because of oil prices?

  • The lower oil price has challenged all Oil and Gas companies to operate in a more cost effective manner and, like most companies, Tullow is reviewing its entire social investment portfolio to align it to the current challenging environment.
  • This is also an opportunity for Tullow to incorporate a number of lessons learned from its historical programme to create a more focused and local approach, which will also be more sustainable and cost effective.
  • Existing scholars will not be affected by this change.

Will there be overseas scholarships in the future?

  • Tullow has no plans for overseas scholarships in the future, but will focus on building long-term institutional capacity in its host countries.
  • This is a more sustainable and cost effective approach that will positively impact a greater number of beneficiaries.  Existing scholars will not be affected by this change.
  • The programmes will concentrate on education, training, skills and enterprise development related to the oil and gas industry.

Will the Tullow /British Council Partnership still exist?

  • The British Council will continue to administer the scheme with respect to the students that are currently studying abroad. These are the students under the 2014-2016 and 2015 -2017 schemes, who will not be affected by the changes.
  • The partnership will remain until the current Framework Agreement with the British Council ends, when the last student returns to their home country after completion of their course.
  • Any future partnership will be considered as part of Tullow’s new strategy/approach.