Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is Tullow Oil giving out these scholarships?
Can applicants outside the country benefit from the scholarship?

Do scholars get to work during their studies?

Does the scholarship sponsor only oil and gas courses?
How many years will the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme last?
How were the awards allocated among the participating countries?
If I am awarded this scholarship, does it mean I will get employment with Tullow Oil upon return from studies?
Is the scholarship for degree holders only?
Should I be successful, is it possible for me to defer an academic year or semester at a point if the need arises?
What are the requirements for the scholarship?
What countries does the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme cover?
What courses will be sponsored under the scholarship scheme?
What does the scholarship package entail?
What is the role of the British Council?
What is the Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme about?
What is Tullow Oil doing to invest in local educational institutions?
When does the scholarship application process open?
Why are all scholars taken to the UK/Europe to study? Why not the Americas or Asia?
Why is the scholarship sponsoring only postgraduate education, why not other tertiary, secondary or primary?
Will applicants be required to take tests?